Robots and bots

And again I see how industry robots and automated transports get to represent the entire evolution of robots. 

They miss the point! This is just physical items and how much it impacts the labour market visually- it is not the major change. The major change are bots. 

If  the work labour is exchanged for low cost work labour in another country, will the low cost not remain low cost for eternity. 

Distance is actually an issue for all kind of physical products. They are actually there, they weigh and take up space. Moreover, a sofa from China to Scandinavia will cross the equator twice, imagine what that change in air dampness and temperature can do with all kind of materials. 

So production companies move the production closer to the sales, and I would imagine that the plant that was used in the low cost country, will still be operative. I also imagine that none of the previous employees will be around to be employed when the production returns. I also imagine a shift in technology for the newly moved plant meaning far less employees anyhow. 

So, what about the industrial robots in this idea? They are hardly taking anyone’s “place” but rather fill a void. 

The real replacement comes when personal services are automated – by e.g. bots. A word that is not yet known in the auto correct dictionary. 

This will happen – or is happening already, we just don’t see it. Because it is a bot and not a physical thing. 

Or it is the next work force revolution. Thinking of that the first started about 300 years ago with Spinning Jenny, it shouldn’t come as a surprise. 


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