When everything ends

When will the apocalypse happen? When will the major shut down of the earth as a planet take place?

What if we are living it? What if it has already happen? What if it happens so slowly and determined that we are already in the midst of it? Did they know in Italy of the book printing art that Gutenberg invented, or the people living in South America? They were never the less impacted of it – sooner or later – and the rest is history.

We might have a Digitization era coming, that started a bit before the turn of millennium, but we might have entered the down-spiral already during the Industrialization era? We could produce more by less people, we could ship and transport globally quicker, we invented the “economic growth” as something persistent and basic in our global economy.

With industrialization, consumption and growth we have also got pollution of the planet, except for the natural changes of the climate. As it is self inflicted we might not see it until it is too late. So, is it? Is it too late?

It is quite interesting to see both extreme pollution and fierce fight for the environment at the same time. Like 0C and 100C degree water (frozen and steam) at the same time, as if it is a balance to be kept but not by being in the middle, but at opposite ends.

These are my own thoughts a weekend like this, in November when there are forecasts of the coldest winter in 6 years and the flowers are still blossoming in the garden. What if we already passed point-of-no-return? If so, would you give up or live as “environmentally” as possible? I chose the latter one, if you ever would wonder.


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