Dangerous women

Whore – slut – cunt – are words that are used to shame female writers, bloggers, vloggers, poets – anyone who make their voice heard a bit too much and too loud on the internet.

The Dangerous Women Project has lifted this issue, see this video: http://dangerouswomenproject.org/2016/09/07/reclaim-the-internet/

This happens when people still can hide behind anonymous on the Internet. Perhaps we will have a Deep internet where you can be anonymous and expect what ever, and a known internet “Frinternet” where you are who you are in real life.

Think of a block chain based system that verifies that you in irl are you on the internet – then you are let in to Frinternet and only people who stand up for who they are will be approved in.

What if the Frinternet divides the globe in two? Well, the police would not have to monitor the Frinternet users but only the Deep Internet. If you can say you have a Frinternet ID based upon block chain, you are off the hook.

And I love this question; what will happen then?
That could take some time to think about.